CD-ROM Tracking – Flash Presentation Tracking

Standard Marketing ROI Tracking

We have built into our CD-ROM presentations the unique ability to track how often your cards are played, how many times they are installed to users computers, how many contact forms are sent from your card and how often each web link is clicked on your card to take visitors to your web site.

Your card tracking can even differentiate between presentations run from the original CD-ROM and those installed to your users computers.

If you want to track your presentations by distribution groups we can easily track that too. For example, you put your presentation on 10,000 cards. Each group of 1000 cards can be tagged with a tracking number. This gives you the ability to distribute each group in a different city, mailing or trade show and track the effectiveness of each group.

You can login to our card tracking form and see monthly reports of how your cards are used.

For more information on using our CD-ROM and Flash Tracking Systems – please call us at 425-482-7941 to speak with a salesperson.

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