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How to tailwatch a log file or tail an error log file in SSH

There are times when downloading an entire web server or other log files just is not feasible. Either it is too large, or by the time you download and open it in a text editor, you need the information contained in the log refreshed all over again.

Tailwatch is a service that most Linux servers have installed by default.

You can type the following into your shell:

Here’s a real e.g.

Where the -f causes the display to refresh for you as information changes.…

How to fix : Disk Requirements: At least XYZ more space needed on the /boot filesystem.

Over the life of a Linux you need to update the kernel from time to time. Over time, you may fill up your /boot partition and get the following error in SSH.

Transaction Check Error:
installing package kernel-2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64 needs 3MB on the /boot filesystem

Error Summary

Disk Requirements:
At least 3MB more space needed on the /boot filesystem. (your amount will vary of course)

This is easy to fix, simply run the following from SSH:

This will give you a list of kernels.…

Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /wp-login.php on this server

Recently we’ve seen some problems where going to the WordPress admin gives you the following error:

Forbidden You don't have permission to access /wp-login.php on this server

This seems to be related to ithemes better wordpress security.

To get around this, so you can check this plugin, add this to the top of your .htaccess file.

You should now be able to log back into your WordPress admin.…

Searching for certain file names via SSH or command line: Locate and Find Commands

There are times when a server administrator needs to search along a path, or for that matter, the entire server for certain file names or file patterns.

Here is a useful command to conduct such searches via SSH on a standard Linux system.

I use this on Centos 5/6 frequently: In this example we are looking for a file called test.png

CS Cart Developers – Example Projects

We’ve had extensive experience with CS-Cart / CS Cart development since 2008. Since then we have built or deployed numerous applications using it as a solid core for development. Our CS Cart Developers can assist you with any phase of your project, from concept and proper scoping all the way to deployment and support.

Some of our recent CS Cart projects have included:

  • A custom CS Cart flooring (shop by sq. foot or sq. meters)
  • Custom product rounding in CS Cart, where a product needs to round up to the nearest box size.

Seattle Drupal Developers – Some of our Example Projects

At FDG Web, we have been working with Drupal for over 10 years and have built websites and applications in Drupal ranging from simple content-based websites to custom web-applications and crowd sourcing platforms to Drupal sites running on multiple servers / clusters with Drupal loadbalancers with Varnish Cache running with additional auto-scale MYSQL instances.

A few of our projects include:

Realty Mogul: Real Estate Crowd Sourcing Application Framework.

Realty Mogul - Drupal Web Development

We helped Realty Mogul go from their early prototype all the way to market and securing more than 9 million dollars of funding for their company.…

Project Spotlight – Bamboo Flooring

Recently we built a jQuery-based Sample Request form for a client’s Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Plywood and Bamboo Panels – with the goal of making a visually appealing way for prospects to find and request samples.

You can see a copy of the sample request page here.

Customers can also request a binder. Here’s a picture of it below.


The end result was that qualified requests for samples went up, and quickly. Giving users the ability to request everything from one page, as well as giving them a nice, neat visual medium is far better of a user experience than presenting them with a long form for them to fill out.…

Preppy Clothing for Women – New Shopify Project

Lauren James co produces lines of Preppy Clothing for Women, including Seersucker Dresses, shorts and t-shirts.

We helped Lauren James with some custom Shopify styles, page creation and CSS – as well as some SEO enhancements for their storefront.

We also help stylize their “find a retailer” page for their site using custom CSS/HTML modifications.

You can view their Shopify store here @

Shopify Custom App Development

FDG Web has been developing custom applications (“apps”) for Shopify stores more and more as of late.

There are two different types of Shopify Apps you can build:

  1. An app that you will make available in the Shopify App store or
  2. A custom application that is intended to be used for one special application or store.

The second type is what we focus on usually, where a client has come to us with a particular need, such as:

  1. Dropship integration into Shopify
  2. Fullfillment integration into Shopify – usually through FTP, sFTP or a Web Service
  3. Shopify ERP systems integration or another backend system
  4. Shopify CRM integration – where a module that already exists just will not suffice for a client.

Seattle Shopify Developers

FDG Web has designed and deployed a number of Shopify Ecommerce storefronts in the past year. In addition, we have custom developed add-ons and Shopify Apps for different stores including:

  • Shopify Custom App Development
  • Shopify Backoffice and Inventory Management Integration
  • Custom Shopify Receipts and Reports
  • Custom Shopify FTP fulfillment and Order Management Systems
  • Shopify Dropship Integration
  • Custom Shopify Templates
  • Shopify Reoccurring Billing Systems and Installment Payment Systems

As a listed Shopify Expert – we welcome the opportunity to discuss your Shopify Developer needs or if you would like to discuss your project with a Shopify Designer for graphic enhancements and solutions – we are just at the end of a phone call or email.…