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How to secure Drupal – tips & best practices

Securing Drupal, regardless of the version you are working with, is not that difficult. Security, as a baseline, is always a multi-layered exercise. Many clients do not understand that you have to work on securing everything that makes up your website – from server operating system all the way to the application layer.

This post is not going to go into server architecture or best practices for managing packages, RPMs, or other components – for now we will focus on the application layer.…

PHP Development: Company Projects and Applications

FDG Web builds custom PHP / MySQL applications both large and small. We help our clients develop the architecture, do rapid prototyping and help them get their ideas to market.

We also support and improve existing applications, including migrations, upgrades and helping companies chart the path forward for their critical systems.

The following are projects that we have helped build for our clients using a variety of technologies.

PHP Crowdfunding Application

We helped Realty Mogul with early prototyping during their start-up phase.…

Shopify App Development

FDG Web is an active Shopify Experts program participant. We assist clients with their custom development needs on the Shopify platform.

We current provide services for:

  • Shopify store setup help and assistance
  • Custom Shopify Application development
  • Custom Shopify Theme design & development
  • Shopify integration – including CRM, ERP, web services and fulfillment integration or other APIs

In addition, we also create “pass-through” applications for Shopify. This is where you need custom functionality that is not currently supported by the Shopify App environment.…

SugarCRM Dynamic Data and Menus / Dropdowns

SugarCRM has a large amount of functionality out of the box. Often, however, we are hired to expand the platform so it can fit the business needs of organizations that need to dynamically assemble quotes, proposals and bids from a wide variety of product information.

Now, a “product” does not have to just be a physical product that you sell – it can also be services or bundles of services.

Example of dynamic data drop downs in SugarCRM may include:


  • Quote generation – where you select a product and then various options are dynamically populated throughout the quote based on previously selections and inventory availability.

WordPress Genesis Framework Customization

Here at FDG Web we do a lot of work within the Genesis framework for WordPress. This includes: Genesis customization, Genesis programming and theme Development.

What actually is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis framework is an advanced “wrap-around” add-on framework you can install for WordPress. This gives you a more robust “Enterprise” approach to your development. Some designers find this difficult to work with because you have to really plan out the architecture of your project. Some designers rely heavily on WordPress doing a lot of these things for you out of the box.…

How to disable wp-cron and Reduce WordPress CPU Load

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your WordPress server load is to disable the built-in, nobody asked for function for wp-cron.

What is it & why do I care?

WP-Cron can be thought of as a housekeeping function that other functions can call, such as plugins or scripts to do different tasks on a scheduled basis.

e.g. Database back ups, sending scheduled emails, update checks, publishing or un-publishing scheduled posts and so on.

So what’s the big deal?

SugarCRM Development – Case Studies for Enterprise, Professional and Community Editions

As a company that does SugarCRM development and deployments – both standard and custom – we see a lot of different client requests. These range from very normal “web-to-lead” workflows all the way to building custom sales pipelines and trigger events for a more complex sales cycle.

There are times when the free / Open Source “Community Edition” makes sense for a deployment – however we always caution of clients that “free” to deploy does not also mean “free to maintain”.…

How to save directory and file permissions before you CHOWN them to something else

There are times when you need to fix a website or user’s file permissions all at once using the CHOWN command.


CHOWN -R someuser:someuser * (for all files recursive into all sub-directories)




CHOWN -R someuser:someuser some-directory (for all files recursive starting at the directory named “some-directory”


Usually this is the case in which a directory structure or website is so messed up with a mix of file permissions and ownership.

You may also want to do this for file permissions instead of file ownership.…

Custom Software Development in PHP & MySQL

Over the years – our team has developed a number of web applications for start-up and enterprise businesses alike. Some are 100% propitiatory  .. others are a mix of existing technologies with custom programming to meet the requirements and desired functionality. Whatever your needs are – we can build it.

Some recent projects have included:

  • Rental Property Software – A rental property management application that included subscription billing, usage thresholds and allowed a user to manage a single property of entire networks of properties from a single dashboard.