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FREE Flash / XML 4-Pack of Ads

Our easy to use Flash based XML ad pack makes it easy for you to control advertisements on your website without knowledge of html or Flash. All you need to do is modify the included XML file for each of these four ad templates and alter the graphic to reflect your own product/link and upload to your site. Once inserted into your page you can then routinely edit the xml file and graphics to update and reflect new products / specials.…

XML Flash Cards – Flashcard Template

XML Flashcard Template – Create Flashcards with text and audio! Randomize and Remove cards as you go!
A little bit about the product.. (Flash Source Code Version)
  • Uses XML to load all types of data
  • Full featured Flash animated transitions
  • Lightweight, easy to customize, change card colors, background colors
  • Allows for audio files to be attached to cards. Add an audio cue or pronounciation.
  • Use symbol fonts instead of text and you’ve created a symbol recognition guide!
  • Multi-language support using unicode characters.

Flash Timeline Template

Build your own Timeline for your Website or CD-ROM using Flash & XML. This Timeline Template allows you to add dates, milestones, history – nearly anything you can think of! Edit it all from simple XML/Text files – upload and you are done!
Flash XML Timeline Template is an easy to use, easy to edit Flash-based, XML-powered Timeline template that allows you to add an interactive timeline template (flash) to your website and let you users click on various entries and show text & images for each item on the timeline.

Flash Map Template – XML

Our new XML Flash Map is an easy to use, easy to edit United States – based Flash Map. You can add this interactive map to your website or application – AND – add links to other websites! All you have to do is edit a single XML file to power the entire map. You do not even have to own FLASH! Add events, locations, tour dates, offices – and more! (Source File Included with this Version., Works with Flash MX – Flash 8, PC or Macintosh)

Xml Flash Map