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FREE! Flash / Powerpoint presentation background & gel-style buttons

We’ve used these photoshop PSD files for numerous projects and have never been disappointed, and neither will you. Use the presentation background for any Flash, or Powerpoint GUI project you need a head start on. It comes as a layered PSD file you can edit to your liking for color, layout etc. Do your customizations then save the background file for your project. You can Download the Flash / Powerpoint presentation background here.

When your done with your presentation / project background you can utilize these cool gel-style button templates for your user inter-actions and navigation.…

New XHTML Strict 1.0 – SEO Friendly template – FREE!

Search Engine friendly template you can use to start off your next project half finished. This template uses the XHTML Strict 1.0 DTD and pure CSS with no inline styles to convey your information with the minimum amount of code and markup. Tested in IE 6 & 7, Opera 8.0+, Netscape 7+, and Firefox 1.5 and up, all with consistent results.

flash timeline template

I made this template as an exercise in SEO techniques, wondering if I could meet commonly held best practices for the CSS and still have it be search engine friendly, AND be XHTML Strict 1.0…

FREE Photoshop PSD – Background – Virus Maker

Use this 800×600, 72 dpi, background for a number of things. The file can be used in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, Myspace, Dreamweaver, or Flash. Use it for a flash project concerning the affects of pollution in our water or a massive zombie outbreak – we do not care – it is up to you. It’s free. It’s Photoshop. Heck, it’s also just a JPG. A friendly, little, non-threatening JPG.

Download this FREE Photoshop Template – here!…