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Enterprise myDentalScore

myDentalScore (mDS) is an online risk assessment tool that a user can use to generate oral disease risk and health scores based on information they know about themselves. It is designed to help patients understand their need for professional care and to raise their “dental IQ” so they will be more receptive to improving oral health. After completing the assessment, patients are encouraged to print out their report and share it with their dentist.

The Problem:

Our client wanted a way to manage all mDS sites in a central location for better control, easier management, lower maintenance and enhanced security. In addition, they wanted to be able to brand and customize urls as well as roll out new sites and projects with the click of  button.

My Dental Scope Home Page

My Dental Scope Home Page

Our Solution:

We built a new application framework in CAKEPHP called Enterprise myDentalScore (EmDS). It is a site building CMS to allow companies to brand a website and offer patients (or visitors) the ability to search for a dentist, take a dental self-assessment and search the Oral Health Library (OHL) for dental information (such as recommendations for better oral health habits).

Once a patient user has completed a self-assessment, the patient user receives a scored dental report based on the answers the patient user gave during the dental self-assessment. The administrative side of the application is used to build and customize EmDS sites with unique urls so that companies can direct patient users to the dental tools with that companies branding and messaging.

The system we built also has multi-tiered administrative access so that individual companies only have access to their generated sites, while an enterprise super admin can administer all the generated sites.  A company can customize the layout, appearance, header images, privacy policy, which tools are offered and what degree of registration is offered and/or required for a patient to complete the self-assessment.

A company can also offer to email the patient a link to their completed self-assessment.  All patient self-assessment PHI is encrypted on the client machine using JavaScript with a public key associated with the site’s member company and delivered via PreViser’s OHIS (Oral Health Information System) API to the OHIS with a flag for that company.  The OHIS then routes the encrypted assessment data to that companies PDH for decryption with that company’s private key.  Once in the company’s PDH, the data can be collated and reviewed for statistical analysis.  EmDS also supports Northeast Delta Dental’s Health through Oral Wellness (NEDD’s HOW campaign) registration campaign.  EmDS provides a form for the prospective registrant to fill out, the data is sent to LuxSci, then NEDD retrieves the registration data from LuxSci.

Enterprise My Dental Score Reports

Enterprise My Dental Score Reports

Technology used:

CakePHP, jQuery, JavaScript, jQuery-UI, HTML, CSS, REST API, Data Integration, Encryption, PHP & MySQL.

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