Case Study: DDP Yoga (as featured on Shark Tank)

Tech Profile: Shopify + custom PHP / CAKE for installment and re-occurring billing.

We were brought in to create a payment installment system that allowed orders to be place, fulfilled and subsequently billed for a limited number of re-occurring payments.

We worked with Shopify Plus and Authorize.net as a solution combination for making this feature a reality. We created a pass-through checkout system where if an order contained certain product IDs, it would present them a new checkout that communicated with Authorize.net and set a fractional installment payment immediately (e.g. $17.99) and then set a re-occurring charge for the remaining installments (e.g. 2 months of $17.99 charges, then cancel). When the initial order is complete, it pushed all of the order information back into Shopify via their API so the order could be properly accounted for and meet Shopify’s terms and conditions.

DDP YOGA has been using FDG for years and for good reason. Their professionalism and skill is unmatched. No matter what challenge we’ve thrown at them they always come through. I couldn’t recommend them more.”
steve yu  – president

In addition, we also implemented a feature where certain orders would unlock a FREE year subscription to the DDP Yoga Phone App. We handed off variables to a web service once an order was complete.

We continue to provide support for these features and other general issues that a larger eCommerce operation would experience. Working with the entire team at DDP Yoga has been great and they can always count on having an FDG Web Developer or Design on demand for whatever they may need.

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