Business Proposal Templates

The new release contains contract and proposal solutions all types of businesses. This kit of business proposal templates contains over 2400 pages of proposal and contract content.

You can find proposal samples and an occasional freelance contract on the Internet. Good luck on finding anything of quality or actual legal structure. Most of it is just guesswork documents that people post and offer little or no legal protection. (many of which are very basic and/or questionable quality). There is no other proposal and contract management system that compares in compatibility, International support, volume of materials and documents, quality of material and price than these business proposal templates.

What you get:

  • Over 1500 pages of business proposal and contract template material:
  • Over 400 proposal templates pre-designed for you needs
  • Each template is a potential section or chapter in your proposal – mix and match as needed.
  • 75 different complete bid-wining sample proposals with “real-life” content
  • Over 1000 pages of completed sample content – easy for you to modify
  • It also includes cover letters, inquiries and other type of follow-up letters
  • It also includes general & specific work orders and general contracts
  • It also includes multiple non-disclosure & other protection forms
  • It also includes project & proposal development worksheets and other project documents
  • It also includes our extensive proposal writing manual
  • It also includes our government grant proposal manual

Proposal Kit saves you time and money and helps speed along the business side of your enterprise which is often so sorely neglected. We use Proposal Kit – so should you!

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