Australian Web Site Development Agreement

Web Site Development Agreement (Australia)

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If you are in another country operating under English law (such as Scotland, New Zealand, etc.) you can use the Australia and UK contracts as a starting point. You can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars having a solicitor review and make minor edits to our contracts tailored specifically to your country. Using our contracts as starting points could cost as much as 10 times less for a review and minor edits than asking a solicitor to create a custom contract.

Edit as needed to create your starting contract for your business. Each client may require modifications to the standard contract which you will need to deal with on a per-project basis. You may use the various contracts and agreements as starting points for use in other countries. You will need to have your own attorney review and edit the contracts for use in other countries and states where the standard pre-written versions will not be applicable. If you find an attorney who wants to redo everything from scratch their own way, consider getting a second opinion, unless you are in a country where US, English or Canadian law do not apply.

The original English Law UK Web Development Contract has been edited by a solicitor in Australia to conform to English/Australia law. There are a few minor differences between the UK and Australia versions (mostly relating to references to the Privacy Act, country location information and tax and banking rate information).

Due to the differences between US and English/UK Law this version is much longer. For small projects see the Australian/UK short form.

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Australian Web Site Development Agreement

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